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Břetislav Holakovský

academic sculptor. He was born on 18. 7. 1926 in Předlice. He studied at Academy of Art in 1948 - 1953, the professors were J. Nušla and B. Stefan. He exposed with group called "We start 59", he participated in all the exhibitions of Pilsen branch SČVU.

He exposed with the "Inventive group of modern realism" on the international exhibition TSMR 1965, Metal and gem Prag 1968, Pardubice 1970, Prilep 1973, Vídeň 1973, Sophia 1975, Prešov 1976, Štětín 1981, Bělehrad 1981, Skopje 1982, Zwiesel 1991 - 92 - 93, Annaberg, Chemnitz, Lipsko 1995. His works belong to West - Bohemian gallery in Pilsen, the gallery in Karlovy Vary, last culture, the Czech Republic, abroad in Germany, former Yugoslavia, former SSSR, Canada, the USA, in Switzerland etc.

In 1987 he was awared the honourable title the "Merited artist". He undertook the research journeys to Austria, Yugoslavia, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Benelux, SSSR, France, Germany, Cuba, Spain and Egypt.

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